Test Results (COAs)

All Midwest Premium Organics organically grown products are thoroughly tested from the time it is a hemp flower to its end product. Testing labs are certified. The manufacturer tests the end product for potency, microbes, heavy metals and pesticides. After internal testing is completed, the manufacturer sends the same sample out they test to a 3rd party certified laboratory to confirm accuracy of the testing results recorded. Our goal is to give our customers total assurance in what they are taking and also to guarantee consistency product lot to product lot!

Organic (BS) CBD Tincture – Blueberry – 900mg

Organic (BS) CBD Tincture – Blueberry – 1800mg

Organic (BS) CBD Tincture – Blueberry – 3600mg

Products w/ QR Code on the Label

Midwest Premium Organics products come from different sourced quality manufacturers. As with other similar businesses, the methods for providing testing results can be different. In most cases, the QR code on the label, when scanned, will take the customer to a database containing the lab results. Simply scan the code and read on!!!

Products Without a QR Code

In some cases, there will not be a QR Code on the label. The manufacturer may not be set up to access the lab testing site. In this instance, simply visit the MWPO2021, access the COA’s section under the info tab, and you will find the Certificate of Analysis (COA) there!!!