Helping people improve their quality of life!

For many years, Steve and Josh, veterans and good friends, talked about how they could continue serving their country without returning to the military. They both had issues from serving and found products derived from hemp and began taking it for themselves. They found much relief and their thinking evolved into starting this type of business to help others. Because of current FDA regulations, we cannot make any claims to what hemp products do! There is a great deal of information about hemp products on the internet. For more info, Google what you are looking for about hemp products! Also, look under the information tab for links and articles on YouTube and Google.

We have the latest and finest hemp derived products on the market. They are USDA Certified Organic and 3rd party lab tested.

About the Owners

Our owners are both military veterans. Stephen Kronshagen served as a US Navy Hospital Corpsman/ Pharmacy Tech for 8 years. He possesses over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical Quality Control. Degreed in Business Administration, Steve has been a Business Consultant and owns/operates Inzane Business Solutions (Branded Apparel and Promotional Products) since June of 2016. He still operates this business and now, co-owns MWPO with his great colleague and friend, Joshua Schultz. In addition, he received his CBD Consultant Certification in 2021 and is excited about the opportunity to help people by offering the highest quality products on the market today.

Co-Owner Joshua Schultz, served in the Marine Corps for 4 years. He was deployed multiple times to Iraq to fight for our country. He worked as a bartender at Tanner’s Tap & Grill in Omro and ended up buying the bar/restaurant. He still owns/manages Tanners and has built the business into a successful, highly regarded establishment. Josh is intelligent, motivated and like Steve, just wants to help people feel the best they can.

Both Steve and Josh are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service while growing this business to allow for future expansion into a brick and mortar establishment on Main Street Omro!

Mission & Vision.

Our mission is to help people improve their lives, one at a time. Our vision is to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices and educate the public on the value of our Hemp derived products. We are committed to Quality and Customer Service.