CBD products are a great way to support wellness-minded thinking. We offer top-quality, hemp-derived products that are USDA Certified Organic and 3rd party lab tested!



Our oils are made from 100% organic hemp grown without pesticides or herbicides. Our non-psychoactive CBD oil does not contain THC or any psychoactive properties. It also does not produce a 'high'.



Do you want to unwind and relax without intoxication? Get our CBD products. They can help support your body systems overall well being and have been reasonably priced to fit into most budgets.



Midwest Premium Organics is fully owned and operated by two veterans (USMC/USNavy) who served our country a combined 12 years. Our goal is to continue serving you by offering great quality CBD products! We appreciate your support!!

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I found out early summer 2021 that I have degenerative disc disease after experiencing worsening pain day after day. I could hardly function anymore and was sick of taking pills for pain, nothing was helping. I figured that daily severe pain was now part of my life as I'm not a big fan of doctors and refuse to go. I had heard about CBD in the past and always blew it off thinking there was no way it could help me. Josh and Steve educated me, and I figured what could it hurt to at least try? My life has totally changed, it only took a day for it to get into my system and I started to feel relief! I could hardly believe it, thought it was too good to be true! I took it regularly twice a day for the first couple of months and now only take it when I need it, which is only a few times a week. I can't thank you Josh and Steve of MWPO enough for opening my eyes to the benefits of CBD!

Megan W.(Oshkosh, WI)

I just started this product for 1 week and am amazed at the results so far. I have Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and been having great difficulty with muscle fatigue and spasticity in both legs and hips that would cause me not to be able to do the things I need to do or even want to do as a full-time Rn, wife and mother. I am hoping for continued improvement! In the first week of working, not having to rest from my elephant legs aka MS taking over my life is amazing to me. Encouraging to myself and others. I also slept through the night for the first time in months.

Rose N.(Omro, WI)

I started taking CBD products over 7 months ago. At the time, I could barely get out of bed in the morning or walk up and and down stairs without experiencing joint pain. The relief gained from taking these products was noteworthy. At first, they didn't completely eliminate the pain, but over the course of a couple weeks, I had to increase my dose and finally felt total relief. I feel like a new man at 64!

Steve K.(Co-Owner- MWPO)

I was talking to a friend of mine who said she began giving her Pugs CBD oil. When I asked why, she said she had heard that it is not only good to calm them down before taking them on a trip in her car, but also is really great for their hips and joints as they get older. She said she noticed almost immediately the effect it had on her dog's overall mobility and also became very playful again. I have a 10 yr old pug that had a hard time getting around, always appearing stiff and slow. I began giving him CBD treats and could almost immediately see improvement in how he moved and his overall demeanor. I highly recommend MWPO's CBD products for pets. They work!!

Jerry L.(Ripon, WI)


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Midwest Premium Organics is dedicated to providing top-quality and a diversified line of CBD products. We offer various formulations such as oils, gummies, salves, creams, and smokable CBD products including flower, vape cartridges and pre-rolled blunts. MWPO also has a line of pet products!!

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